What is Wildflower Lewes?

 Wildflower Lewes started in 2016, when a group of like-minded and interested people got together and decided that we needed to do something to stop the loss of wildflowers, and the invertebrate life that depends on them. We also wanted to do something to encourage wildflowers into the urban areas of Lewes. We are a politically unaligned community group, and we now have around 80 people who are connected to us in one way or another.

97% of our wildflower meadows have been lost nationwide since the 1970s, with devastating knock-on effects on the insects that depend on them. We’d like to do our bit in Lewes to stem this loss by cultivating more wildflower patches across the town, creating “stepping stones” that join up isolated habitat. We’d also like people in the town to have wildflowers to enjoy near their homes, and have a chance to get involved in looking after the nature on their doorstep.
We have had support from all three councils (Lewes Town Council, Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council). We’ve also partnered with other organisations who share our aims of getting more wildflowers in Lewes: Lewes Railway Land Trust, Brighton & Lewes Biosphere, and Burleys (the District Council’s grounds maintenance contractor).
Join us if you want to bring more wildflowers, bees and butterflies, birds and amphibians into Lewes town & across the District! You can nominate a patch of land near you, volunteer to help manage some new wildflower patches, or just follow us for more information as we turn Lewes into a rainbow of wildflowers.  Our Facebook page is Wildflower Lewes.